PrestaShop module Minimal order value by categories
Minimal purchase value by category

With this PrestaShop addon you can define minimal value of total products from selected category to finalize the order. Great module to controll workflow of order process.

PrestaShop module Abandoned loyalty points reminder
Abandoned loyalty points reminder

This module reminds your customers about their loylaty points that are near to expire. Module will send email with notification to them X days before points will expire

PrestaShop module Responsive products slider
Responsive products slider

With this responsive slider module you can promote your products on homepage in really handy and attractive way. You can select what products module will promote!

PrestaShop module Product images by customers
Product images by customers

This is responsive prestashop gallery module that allows to upload pictures of products by your customers. These products will appear as an additional gallery on product page

PrestaShop module Twitter share + coupon
Share on Twitter + Coupon

With this social network PrestaShop module your customers can share products on twitter and after share - they can get unique personalized voucher code

PrestaShop module Google share + coupon
Google share + coupon

With this PrestaShop module you can increase sales in your shop with dedicated and personalized voucher codes for sharing products on Google+ social network. 

PrestaShop module Cart / order share on FB
Voucher for cart / order share

This is PrestaShop module that adds button on cart or order confirmation page. With this button your customers can share their order on Facebook. Module will generate coupon code for each share

PrestaShop module register and login with PayPal
Register and login with PayPal

This is PrestaShop PayPal connect module for your online store. This addon creates button to quick register and login to shop with customer paypal account.

PrestaShop module Module to ban shop users
Module to ban shop users

With this PrestaShop module you can ban unwanted shop guests. Banners users will not have possibility to browse your shop front office. It's great way to block spammers etc.

PrestaShop module Category blocks
Category blocks

Module to build unlimited number of category blocks in PrestaShop. With this addon you can create unlimited number of blocks with selected categories tree.

PrestaShop module Google connect (register + login)
Google connect (login + register)

This is module for PrestaShop that allows to create "login with google" buttons in your online shop. Customers can create an account (and log in) with one mouse click

PrestaShop module Module to log in with Facebook
Login and register with Facebook

With this PrestaShop addon you can create special buttons "log in with Facebook". your customers will be able to register and log in to your shop with their Facebook account

PrestaShop module Send voucher to friend
Send discount codes

With this PrestaShop module your  customers can send personalized voucher codes to their friends. Addon is a great way to increase sales in an easiest way - because everyone likes voucher codes

PrestaShop module Import coupons
Import discount codes

With this PrestaShop module you can import voucher codes to your online shop with one mouse click. Module allows to import thousands (and more)  of codes with one mouse click!

PrestaShop module Private CMS
Pages for logged users only

With this Module for PrestaShop you can select CMS pages that will be accessible only for Logged users. Other users will not be able to open such CMS pages.

PrestaShop module Minimum purchase by customer group
Minimal purchase value by group of customers

With this PrestaShop addon you can define minimal purchase value parameter. Module allows to define unique param for each group of customers.

PrestaShop module Maximum cart value by customer group
Maximum cart value based on customer grups

This is PrestaShop module that allows to define maximum cart value based on groups of customers. Each group of customers can have own unique settings.

PrestaShop module CdKeys / license key manager
License key manager

This is PrestaShop module that allows you to sell licenses in your shop. Addon will automatically send the codes to customers, whole process is automatic. Configuration of the module is super-easy.

PrestaShop module Facebook Page Plugin Slider
Facebook Page Plugin Slider

This is PrestaShop addon that creates sliding box with new facebook feature called page plugin. This is new widget that shows fans from your fanpage in very nice way

PrestaShop module Coupons for Facebook fans
Coupons for Facebook fans

With this great social network solution you can add special "tab" to your fanpage, where users can like your company facebook profile and receive own unique voucher code

PrestaShop module Better appearance of products on facebook
Facebook Open Graph for PrestaShop

This absolutely must have module for Presta generates open graph tags and allows you to control and customize the appearance of your website on Facebook.

PrestaShop module Login to shop as customer
Login to shop as a customer

This great module for PretaShop gives you possibility to login to shop as a customer directly from shop back office (customers list). This addon is great usability plugin

PrestaShop module Detailed order preview
Detailed order preview

With this PrestaShop module you can display list of products that customer bought on back office orders listing page. Addon creates quick detailed preview of order.

PrestaShop module Discount for new customers
Discount for new customers

Great marketing tool for PrestaShop that will increase your sales with highly personalized voucher codes for new customers in your online shop.

PrestaShop module Discount for next order
Discount for next order

With this rewards program module for PrestaShop you can give voucher codes for your shop customers. Each customer can receive unique coupon codes after orders in your store

PrestaShop module Files Upload
Files Upload Module

This PrestaShop addon is the best tool for uploading purposes. With this module your customers can upload any files they want to your online store.

PrestaShop module Responsive Pop Coupon
Responsive Pop Coupon

This is PrestaShop addon that adds special popup to your website, where customers can like your page (on facebook) and receive personalized voucher code

PrestaShop module Responsive Popup Pro
Responsive Popup Pro

With this responsive prestashop module you can create modal popup windows with own contents. Absolutely TOP 1 addon to create popups in your online store!

PrestaShop module Pretty Clean URLs
Pretty Clean URLs

This PrestaShop module generates friendly URLs without ID numbers. The only one available addon that allows you to decide from what kind of pages ID number will disappear

PrestaShop module Gallery with voting system
Gallery module

This PrestaShop addon is the most popular gallery solution for your online store based on presta engine. Module contains a lof of features to personalize gallery.

PrestaShop module Sticky notes - remiders in back office
Sticky notes - reminders in your back office

With this PrestaShop module you can create sticky notes everywhere you want in your shop back office. You can display these stickers for everyone logged to your shop back end or for selected employees only.

PrestaShop module Product page blocks
Custom contents on product pages

This prestashop module allows to create custom contents blocks on your product pages. You can display contents in each hook that is available on product page. Each product can have own unique content blocks.

PrestaShop module Attribute grid
Attribute grid

This PrestaShop module creates table with attributes on each product page. This module contains many features to personalize combinations table in the way you need. The best combinations matrix addon for your PrestaShop

PrestaShop module Related Products Free Download
Related products Free

Free module for PrestaShop to display related products on product page. With this addon you can select products that module will display. Each product can have own unique related product list. It's a powerful tool to promote your products.

PrestaShop module Product list
Product lists

With this PrestaShop module you can create unlimited number of product lists and display them in homepage (as tab or block) and in left or right columns of your theme. Module contains many features to personalize blocks with products

PrestaShop module Gift cards
Gift Cards PrestaShop Module

This module is a great way to sell gift cards. Module allows to define gift cards in any value you want, and sell these gifts as a real products in your shop. Customers will receive these gifts via email. In addition, these customers will be able to send these gift cards to friends.

PrestaShop module Facebook Shop - store of fb
Facebook Shop

This PrestaShop extension allows to create shop on your facebook fanpage. The best way to advertise products on Facebook. This is the only one module that works without SSL certificate, it's a complete offer - just few mouse clicks and you will have your own store on facebook.

PrestaShop module Similar products / related products
Similar products on product pages

Module to display related products on each product page. As a shop owner you can display different lists of products on each product page. In simple words, module allows to customize lists for products. Great way to increase visibility of other products from your offer.

PrestaShop module Discount codes generator
Discount codes generator

This PrestaShop module allows to generate thousands of coupons with single mouse click. You can define detailed settings of coupon code (advanced personalization tool) and download generated coupons in excel ready file (csv). Great way to start marketing campaing easily.

PrestaShop module Product page tabs Pro
Product Tabs

This addon is the best and cheapest way to create new product tabs on product edit page. This PrestaShop plugin is the only one available extension that allows to create two kind of tabs. It contains also extended tinyMCE editor and several features to define global tabs!

PrestaShop module Custom content block - HTML BOX PRO
Content Box Pro

This module allows to create blocks with custom code everywhere you want. Module supports custom hooks - you can use it exactly there - where you want. this PrestaShop module contains extended tinyMCE editor. It accepts much more stuff than default one. 

PrestaShop module Facebook product share + voucher code
Facebook product share on timeline

This module is great marketing tool to increase social network traffic and in effect to increase sales. Module allows to share product on facebook timeline, after share customer will receive own unique coupon code. Of course as a shop owner you can specify voucher code value etc.

The best PrestaShop modules - list of trusted and valuable addons

You can find there only valuable solutions for your e-commerce shop based on PrestaShop engine. Search the best plugin for your store that will meet your requirements and just use it.